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Engine Lubrication System Flushing Machine

Engine Lubrication System Flushing Machine

Product Code: ASE-008
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ASE-008 Free disassembly Engine Lubrication system Flushing  machine

After long time working, the car engine will generate oil mud, carbon, colloid etc, which will cause engine abnormal work and fault.

Manually changing & cleaning oil is difficult to handle ,time wasting and in low efficiency. ASE-008 can clean & change oil thoroughly and quickly.


Cabinet type, easy to move and operate.

Dynamic recycle cleaning engine lubrication system.

Add pressure to flush the remaining waste oil to make sure thoroughly cleaning.

Power source is compressed air, economic and stable.

Transparent measuring cup can display the volume and the color and the volume of waste oil .

Vacuum strongly extract the waste oil.

Big volume of tank to store the waste oil up to 65L



It can clean the engine lubrication system dynamically

It can extract thoroughly the waste oil

It can add pressure to flush the inside of engine second time to make sure waste oil is extracted thoroughly.

It can release the waste oil in the tank thoroughly.



◆ Environment temperature:-10~+40°C                   

◆ Relative Humidity:<85%                    

◆ Pressure Gauge:0~10kg

◆Vacuum Gauge:0-30inHg                           

◆ Input pipe:2 .5m                    

◆ Output pipe:2.5m

◆ Filter accuracy:5μm                           

◆ Waste Oil Tank: 65L                      


◆ NW:60 Kg                                  

◆ GW:75 Kg

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