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WRB-093H Automatic Tilting-Back Tire Changer With Right Help Arm

WRB-093H Automatic Tilting-Back Tire Changer With Right Help Arm

Product Code: WRB-093H
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Standard configuration:

Help 5 auxiliary pneumatic lever arm means 

Double and single crank pressure tire design, tire fitting job Multi-assisted pressure tires. The lower plate, in the demolition process can be assisted tire tire lifts. One lifting slide design, with fine-tuning to ensure smooth lifting and stability, more efficient and easier to use.

Backward curved arms designed ,so the top hub chuck can expand more room for operation and avoid accidental injury when clamping hub.

The trapezoid column base and housing overall box welding design, fully ensure the high intensity 

Operation under the bearing structure, the overall stability and reliability.

Using 3mm thickness steel plate combined cabinet, firm structure, Weld concealment, beautiful appearance.

High strength tire changer head, adapt to strong job, a small amount of deformation, longer service life.

Foot pneumatic valve piston rod assembly is made of pure steel, so the surface is more smooth and corrosion 

resistance, longer life. Drawer control assembly, simple structure , fast and easy maintenance.
Best quality all-aluminum copper motor with advantages of faster heat dissipation, low loss, high power.


180mm all-aluminum double-inlet tread separation cylinder, fully sealed design, low pressure supported, longer service life.

Thickness is 15 mm wheel chuck parts, with the function of claw size fine adjustment, claw can precise (fine) control at any position, convenient for clamp the wheel, to avoid accidentally injure.

Technology parameter:

Max. Wheel diameter

1120 mm(44”)

Max. Wheel width

460 mm(16”)

Rim clamping from inside


Rim clamping from outside


Power supply


Working pressure

8-12 bar

Bead breaker power per cylinder

2800 kg

Self-centering rotation speed


Net weight

360 kg

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