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GX-80A Free-dismantling engine fuel system cleaning machine

GX-8 0 A Free-dismantling engine fuel system cleaning machine With Endoscope Engine carbon deposits seriously affect driving performance:

Today's automotive industry adopts high technology to design complex fuel metering and combustion control
engines, and uses computer monitoring to make the engine run at an unimaginable level of precision, which
not only makes the car more fuel efficient, but also greatly reduces engine exhaust emissions. However,
the more sophisticated the engine is manufactured, the lower the tolerance of the engine is. If the fuel system
and the combustion system are fouled, the engine efficiency will be reduced immediately, which will seriously affect the driving performance.

The three areas where are most prone to be fouled in the engine:
1.Fuel System
2.Injector needle valve
3.Combustion chamber—including cylinders, pistons, cylinder heads, valve assemblies, and intake valves.

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